Awake EP

by Lamprey

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released May 24, 2017



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Lamprey Gold Coast, Australia

Lamprey is the solo project of Cody Jones from the sunny Gold Coast, Queensland Australia. Employing a myriad of musical influences from rock to electronic, the music is both branded with a unique identity and strange familiarity - leaving you with a fresh perspective after each listen. ... more

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Track Name: Awake (Single)
We move.
While witnessed with unopened eyes.
Intrinsic need to clarify, this.
If I should fall asleep don't wake me up.
Cause' I'm stepping through.
This temple.

Time is still here, it waits.
As we die.

Dream this door, your throne.
Now that I'm awake again.

Let me
drink in deep to unsettle this.
Been digging through my skin, my Self,
this open temple.

will we disconnect
or juxtapose
our ^hope and understanding?
To exist in the parables
we shed our virtues
and overcome nothing at all.

We've conquered home with flame and stone.
But we've burned a hole.

Dream this door, your throne.
Now that I'm awake again.
I'll be moving through my bones.
To walk the spiral down within.
And see what makes me...


Don't you LIE TO ME.

When will we step through?
The open door? we walk in cycles, circles, hold on till the static reaches, takes us over.
When will we wade through?
The river holds us to the wind and drags us back into the ocean, left to drink the cold light.
Track Name: Tired
A call out to the silent,
the deaf leading the blind.
You balance on a pinhead,
shift the weight and
watch the vacant fall in line.

Ravenous, the instinct.
Monsters in the heart of man.
Watch him rend, and feed
and gloat
and die.

Desert Fathers singing
sing "we've been here before"
falling up the mountain,
head down in the clouds
"just say the word and I am yours"

Giants heeding insects
the termite and the roach.
And I'm so tired of it all.

We'll siphon, end the river.
Keep draining this, you virus.
You growth.

A call out to the silent.
The blind leading the blind.
You fling a little bullshit -
and they all fall in line.
Fall in line.

So fall in line.

I'm so tired.
I'm so tired of it all.
So tired of it all.